Dirty Spots & Stains Everywhere?

Blast the
Stains Away





Introducing the

Spot Blast Stain Remover

the amazing, portable, powerful spot and stain remover with 3 -in -1 cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming action that eliminates stubborn stains fast, rejuvenating and restoring your carpets, rugs and fabrics so they look good as new.

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Its portable.

Its easy to go grab. I clean it up. I'm done no more mess

Spot Blast is an amazing tool!

I can use it in both the back and front of my car.

Its so easy!

Stains disappear like magic.

For a family that like to make a lot of mess, Spot Blast is fantastic.

Spot Blast Features

Portable & Powerful

With its compact design, and impressive 650 watts of power, Spot Blast is not only powerful but also easy to store. Keep it conveniently in any small storage space or under the sink.

3 in 1 Cleaning

Experience the dynamic 3-in-1 cleaning prowess of Spot Blast: Spray, Brush, and Suck away dirt effortlessly. Just spray, brush, and witness the potent 'cleaning vortex' that effortlessly lifts and eradicates spots and stains from deep within the surface.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Blast away messy pet spots, make quick work of kids' spills or remove stuck-on dried food with Spot Blast .You can use it to refresh mattresses, eliminate bed stains, renew pet beds, restore kids' jeans, and get rid of dirt and grass stains.

The Secret is

the 3 in 1 extreme cleaning action. You just spray, brush and watch as the powerful vacuum creates a cleaning vortex that lifts and removes spots and stains from your carpets down beneath the surface, leaving nothing behind but a beautiful spotless clean.




Take it Anywhere and Blast Away Anything!

Spot Blast is so portable and lightweight, you can take it anywhere, yet powerful enough to take on even the toughest stains whenever and wherever they happen.

Take it outside and detail your car seats and floor mats.

Spotblast takes care of the stains you can see and the ones you can't.

Look closer.

This carpet looks clean, but under an ultraviolet light you can see the dirt and grime left behind with just one pass.

Messy pet spots

Remove stuck on dried food

Renew pet beds

650 Watts of Pure Suction Power

You get 650 watts of pure suction power in one compact cleaning machine. That's nearly twice the power of other portable spot removers, and strong enough to suck up over a litre of water in less than five seconds.

Refresh mattresses & eliminate bed stains

Restore jeans and get rid of dirt and grass stains

Bring back the original color of your favorite rugs

Remove stains as they happen and save money and time.

Spot Blast Cleaning System

  • 3 in 1 cleaning action: Spray, Brush, Suck the dirt
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Powerful: 650 watts
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • Hundreds of sturdy bristles
  • Nearly twice the power of other portable spot removers
  • Suck up over a litre of water in less than 5 seconds